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05.10.2021 CERES experience published in scientific journal "Organic Farming"

CERES experience published in scientific journal "Organic Farming".
The article is based on many years of practical experience in group certification combined with a statistical approach to help determine an appropriate number of externally inspected group members as well as a method to easily distinguish between NCs which must be considered as “Systemic fault” and those who are not.

Here you can download the full article.



20.07.2021 CERES experience published in scientific journal

CERES experience published in scientific journal. CERES approach to differentiated field sampling as a tool for compliance assessment in organic certification has now been rewarded in an article in one of the most renowned scientific journals. In addition to the figures and tables in the article, you will find important complementary information in the file "Supplementary Materials". You can find the article online at https://rdcu.be/cpfwB



31.03.2021 A veteran of the organic sector is leaving CERES GmbH

After more than 16 years, the co-founder and one of the three managing directors at CERES GmbH, Albrecht Benzing, will leave the company at his own request on March 31, 2021. The news came as a surprise to most colleagues at CERES and the Easy Cert Group. Albrecht Benzing, who has made a name for himself in the organic industry worldwide and has always advocated strict control and quality assurance in organic farming, the sustainability sector and the textile industry through numerous lectures and press reports, will no longer work for the company as of April 01, 2021 but will devote himself to other activities in the organic industry. He will feel closely connected to CERES GmbH – in the future, however, Albrecht Benzing would like to act more independently, more scientifically and consultatively in the industry. “CERES is my child but when children grow up, at some point you should let them go their own way,” are Albrecht Benzing’s words to the company’s employees. In addition to his managing director role, Albrecht Benzing was also responsible for organic food certification as program manager and quality manager. A replacement for all these roles has already been initiated. Thus, from now on the management will continue to be carried out by his previous managing director colleagues, Bernhard Schulz and Ulrich Findel. The complex and demanding work as program manager organic food certification will be taken over as of April by a dual leadership consisting of two long-time employees. Two experienced experts have also been recruited for quality management. In all areas CERES can continue to rely on the many years of experience of both its own and the entire Easy Cert Group with bio.inspecta (Switzerland) and Austria Bio Garantie (Austria) at its head, so that all sub-areas within the group can be carried out professionally and competently. We very much regret the separation of Albrecht Benzing and wish him all the best for his professional and private future! "



19.02.2021 CERES Statement on BioFach 2021 Presentation


During the 2021 eSpecial BioFach, a lawyer and expert in organic food legislation offered a public presentation about "EU Organic Food Law: New law, new problems, new solution..."



11.02.2021 CERES GmbH reçoit le prix USDA ORGANIC Director's Award

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16.01.2020 New rules for issuing COIs for organic imports into the EU, starting from 2 February 2020

Amendement: REGLEMENT DE LA COMISSION(UE) No 2008/1235

04.05.2018 CERES invited to NOSB Spring Meeting in Tucson, Arizona

(Photo: CCOF)

The National Organic Standard Board (NOSB) plays a key role in development of the NOP ruling. This year, CERES managing partner Albrecht Benzing was invited to participate in an expert panel on organic imports from outside the US, together with Sam Welsch (Onecert), Silke Fuchshofen (IOIA), Jake Lewin (CCOF), and five US organic industry representatives. After the scandal with large amounts of conventional grains being imported from Turkey and other countries as ‘organic’ to the US, the NOP is seeking for better ways to stop such fraud. During the panel on 26 April 2018, Albrecht Benzing shared CERES’ experience with fraud in several countries. He stressed the importance of more effective oversight of certification bodies by the accreditors. Without such oversight, there is a risk of certifiers’ business interests overriding the integrity of the certification process. A very lively discussion with the other panelists and the NOSB members followed, and will hopefully contribute to implementing the necessary steps.

The new TRACES System for Import of Organic Products into the European Union

The European Union requires Certificates of Inspection (COI, also called transaction certificates) for each import of organic products from third countries. Through Regulation (EC) 2016/1842, the European Commission established new rules for improving the traceability of organic products and reducing potential fraud. In the future, COIs will no longer be issued on paper, but electronically through the so called TRACES System. These will be called “e-COI”.

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Human health implications of organic food and organic agriculture

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